Marisa's Kick Ass Story Update

I am happy to report that I am still bowel cancer free! I attend regular appointments with my doctors and specialists, and I have also become a lot more conscious of my overall health.

The genetic tests indicated that the bowel cancer wasn't genetics related and as I mentioned in my 2018 update, I planned on living a healthier life, which I did to a degree. But after years spent with a personal trainer and somewhat healthy eating, I just wasn't dropping the weight, so I decided to look further into it.

I have struggled with weight my whole life, honestly it is one of the reasons I believe I could have got bowel cancer at such a young age. Carrying too much weight around my stomach was not healthy. So, I went to my doctor and we did some further blood tests and it turns out I have PCOS.

This was a surprise to me, but the results of those blood tests really scared me. You would have thought the bowel cancer alone was enough but to be told I was a borderline diabetic and that it was affecting a lot of other areas in my life was enough - it was time I really took control of my health and my life.

I started off my starting the Keto diet which is a low carb, moderate protein and high fats (good fats) lifestyle. So far, I have been doing it for 13 weeks and lost over 17kgs and I feel amazing! I don't feel bloated anymore, I have more energy and my mind is much clearer. I also started Pilates as I wanted to strengthen my body and improve overall movement and flexibility.

I didn't just take these measures as a short-term fix - we only get one chance at life and I feel I have received enough signs from the universe to say that I have to listen to my body and treat it right. Since doing so I am definitely seeing and feeling like myself again.

Another reason I wanted to lose the weight was because I know it can have an impact on fertility. I have seen a lot of cases where women carry too much weight and it makes it harder for them to have children.

I'm not quite ready for kids yet but when I am, I want my body to be ready too. Before I had chemo, I harvested 2 of my eggs. It is hard to say if the chemo has had an effect on my ability to fall pregnant naturally, but I didn't want to rob myself of the option if one day I did decide I wanted to have children.

If and when the time is right, I feel good knowing I have those 31-year-old eggs waiting for me and that my body is healthy enough to hopefully nurture them.

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