Mallory's Kick Ass Story

I'm Mallory. I was diagnosed one year ago with stage three colon cancer. Prior to diagnosis I was experiencing anaemia, blood in stools, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and fatigue.

The tumour, along with half my colon, was removed via laparoscopic surgery. This was closely followed by six months of chemotherapy.

During treatment I found getting out of the house helped a lot with managing side effects and maintaining good mental health. Visiting friends, going for walks, coffee dates etc.

I'm currently in remission and hope to stay that way. People call cancer a "journey", I call it a hijacking.

If you find yourself struggling always reach out for help. I found a beautiful bunch of women and with those women we created a Facebook group. A group where women going through bowel cancer can chat about chemotherapy, kids, bowel motions and everything in between. We even flew across the country to meet each other!

Bowel Cancer Australia has been a fantastic resource. The Nurses and Nutritionist have been exceptionally helpful. If I have any questions, I just pick up the phone and they're always there to listen.

If I could give one piece of advice to women going through a similar diagnosis it would be to stock up on toilet paper, you'll use a crap load!


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