Kerry K's Kick Ass Story

My name is Kerry, diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer in Sept 2018 aged 53.

I had surgery to remove the tumour and currently undergoing chemotherapy, 2 cycles of treatment to go. 11 of 30 nodes tested were shown to have cancer cells. My side effects have been from tingly fingers, twitching feet, indigestion, metallic taste in my mouth, thinning hair to now a rashy face. 

After having 2 melanomas removed in 2014, it was a shock to be told I had cancer, but totally unrelated, just bad luck. I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease 25 years ago and followed a strict gluten free diet since and had done 2 bowel kits since being 50 that showed negative results.

I'm feeling positive heading towards the end of treatment , crossing everything for a great result. I have great support from family & friends and the staff at Berwick St John of God have been fantastic.

This photo was taken at a wedding 3 weeks ago with my husband Peter. I felt great this day, it was great to dress up with nice hair and makeup.

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