Kathy's bowel cancer story (diagnosed age 47, WA)

During a routine pap smear in August 2011, I mentioned to my doctor that I’d had an uncle who died from bowel cancer at only 51. Immediately the doctor suggested I give a stool sample and, when the results came back positive, a colonoscopy was arranged. A small tumour was found during the procedure, which fortunately was only at stage one.

My doctors recommended surgery to remove the tumour as my best option so I went ahead with an operation. No stoma was required. I started chemotherapy after surgery to help minimise the risk of the cancer returning and was given 5-FU, Oxaliplatin, FOLFOX and Leucovorin. The chemotherapy caused a little nausea and made me feel tired at times, but overall it was actually better than I expected. I was given the all clear after surgery but I will know for sure when I have a follow up colonoscopy in August 2012, plus I need to have blood tests every 3 months for the next 12 months.

My diet has not changed significantly but I’ve noticed that milk does not agree with me at this stage.

Overall I feel like I handled it very well but everyone is different, and I believe how you cope depends a great deal on your support network and family situation - I was very lucky because my family, my husband and three children, have been wonderfully supportive.

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