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Bowel Cancer Australia is calling for Australians to move their bottoms to the top of their priority list and join a movement that won’t cost anything but could save lives.

The need for The Bowel Movement comes as Australian research found almost half of 40-70 year olds still do not know enough about bowel cancer to take action that could either prevent it or detect it at earlier, more treatable stages.

Joining The Bowel Movement is simple – just talk, test, tell.

     1.   Talk  – help remove the embarrassment surrounding bowel cancer by talking with family 
                       and friends about signs and symptoms.

     2.   Test – take a bowel cancer screening test every 1 to 2 years, especially if you’re aged 50 and 

     3.   Tell  – share your family’s medical history with close relatives.    

Join The Bowel Movement*

Julien Wiggins, chief executive, Bowel Cancer Australia said all age groups need to be aware of bowel cancer symptoms, but 47 per cent of those surveyed either didn’t know the signs or were unsure of what they were.

“This is a consistent finding across two pieces of research conducted over five years,” said Mr Wiggins.

“Clearly, there is still much room for improvement when it comes to knowledge of bowel cancer.  This is the second biggest cancer killer of Australians but it’s preventable. We need to get moving now as a community to save lives.”

“We’ve launched The Bowel Movement to spread important messages about bowel cancer prevention and early detection.”

“The risk of bowel cancer increases if there is a family history, so we need people to talk to their families. Screening test kits are available via the Government’s National Bowel Cancer Screening Program if you’re 50, 55 or 65. For everyone else, BowelScreen Australia® test kits are available via many community pharmacies,” said Mr Wiggins.

Join the bowel movement by pledging your support to talk, test, tell – it might just save a life.

*In recognition of your support, every individual and organisation that has pledged to join The Bowel Movement will appear in a 'scrolling listing' at the top of the Bowel Cancer Australia website.  The message displayed will simply include your Name, State and Pledge e.g. "Claire, VIC, Talk-Test-Tell".  Simply complete the form above and check the top of this page to see your name 'up in lights' as an important member of The Bowel Movement.

Community Awareness and Understanding of Bowel Cancer was conducted by Acuity Research on behalf of Bowel Cancer Australia in May 2012 with 1,000 respondents aged 40 – 70 years. 


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