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Colostomy Xplained is an innovative information resource that makes ostomy surgery and treatment considerations easier to understand.
The interactive healthcare tool uses a swipe-through story format to follow the journey of a real life patient named Robert, from his initial confusion following diagnosis, to the challenges he faces on his way to discovering how to live a life full of possibilities.
Developed with input from patients, surgeons, nurses, Bowel Cancer Australia, the Australian Association of Stomal Therapy Nurses (AASTN) and The Australian Council of Stoma Associations (ACSA), Colostomy Xplained is available on Google Play and iTunes or on a USB-Card.  Colostomy Xplained was developed by Medicine X and sponsored by ConvaTec.
Over 42,000 Australians live with a stoma and thousands of people undergo stoma surgery ever year. A stoma is an opening on the surface of the abdomen created surgically to divert the flow of urine or faeces. The stoma may be temporary (to allow the bowel time to heal) or permanent.
“Colostomy Xplained delivers medical facts alongside a highly relatable story, and complements the practical support provided by a patient’s treating specialist,” said Tammy Farrell, Bowel Care Nurse at Bowel Cancer Australia.
Watch Robert's story about his life after having a Colostomy and how the Colostomy Xplained app has helped him.
Download the free app at Colostomy Xplained.